My name is Tom Ahern, I’m a Crossfit coach, author of ‘Yes I’m fine, just tired’, a memoir and self-help book and that of which I’m very excited about, co-host on adventurefitradio and now founder of The Mind Mate. Can I get an amen!

‘So who are you though?’, I hear you ask…

Great question! Here’s a little bit about me and who I once was.

I was a phases person. I struggled to stick to things. My mind often wandered and, up until early 2017, I was never fully engaged. Now, however, with a tonne of anxiety, OCD, depression and de-realisation under my belt, I finally know who I am and the direction I want to head. Took me a while but I got there!

Facilitating conversations about mental health is my passion. Open and honest communication saved me from the chronic depths of depression and, whilst I feel these experiences presented a very necessary learning curve for me, they did come at a cost and a debilitating one at that.

I had, for much of my life, been anxious. I was ignorant of it however, having only seen the world through my own lens. In 2014, my life took a turn for the worst when external circumstances changed and my foundations fell apart.

Three years later and I am a completely different person. I am a bloke and a very weird one at that! I am a podcaster as mentioned, a traveller and lover of vigorous physical exercise but most importantly, I feel I am someone who understands the intricacies behind my own mental health and I am very grateful for that as it was, and still is, such a whacky world in there.

Generally speaking, mental health is a fragile concept and I am so excited and humbled to be furthering my studies to learn more about it. Every person’s experience is completely unique and their own however, I feel it’s time we reconciled that notion rather than move away from it.

The irony of the anxiety emotion, a trait common to every man, woman and child is that it isolates us. It’s time for a change.

At The Mind Mate, you will find true accounts of past and current sufferers’ experiences as well as their own, drawn upon coping mechanisms and anxiety reduction strategies.

The Mind Mate’s aim is to shift the understanding and perspective of anxiety and mental health through the promotion of authentic mental health discourse. Talking about one’s issues should be as easy as talking about what’s on the menu for dinner or which sporting team you barrack for!

So mate, who are you below the surface? Let’s discuss; I’ll start 🙂